Frequently Asked Questions

Free pick up & delivery services

We provide free supplies of Laundry bag, spotting tape, inventory slips, and a door hanger.

Question 1:

Do you charge for the door hook
or garment bag?

No, we don't.
If you need more laudry bags,
just ask and we are happy to supply.

Question 2:

What is your increment weather policy?

Under increment weather,
we pick up or deliver the following day.
* If you requested special
next-day delivery service,
we will still deliver
even under increment weather.

Questions 3:

Do I have to tip your delivery driver?

No. Our drivers do not accpet
tips or gratitudes.

Question 4:

Do you charge extra for
pick up or delivery?

No. Our every low prices do not have
additional fees or service charges.

Questions 5:

Do you charge a membership fee?

No. Membership for our services
is not required.

Questions 6:

What type of bag should I
put my clothes in for Pick Up?

First-time customers may use
a regular plastic bag
for your initial order.
Please remember to include
an ORDER FORM in the bag.

Questions 7:

Where are you located?

Our company is located at
13380 Clarksville Pike #C
Highland, MD 20777

Questions 8:

How and when do I pay for services?

We offer monthly billing against
your credit card or you may pay
by check.
Most customers leave a credit card on file
for easy automatic payments.

Questions 9:

What happens if I'm not satisfied
with the service or when the order
is not done as I requested?

(i.e. starch, no creases, spots, etc.)

No problem.
Just a leave a note with your order.
We will try it again.

Question 10:

Where can I find Order Form or
Price Listing?

Click the following links:
Order Form (pdf)

Price List (pdf)